Frizzell Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the Donaldson D. Frizzell Scholarship?

To apply for the scholarship you must complete the online application, which can be accessed by clicking the link for either the Traditional Student or the Non-traditional Student on the Donaldson D. Frizzell Scholarship page.

How many scholarships will be awarded?

For the 2017-2018 school year award period, FCEF will award $30,000. The total number and amount of awards will be determined by the independent Scholarship Review Committee.

Is there an age requirement?

There is no specific age requirement, but applicants must be:

  • A member of the U.S. uniformed services (active, guard, reserve, retired, and non-retired veteran) and their dependent family members, or a client of First Command Financial Services and their dependent family members, or a dependent family member of a First Command Advisor or field office staff member, or a non-contractual ROTC student, and
  • a graduating high school senior planning to attend a college, university, or accredited trade school during the 2017-2018 school year, or
  • a student currently attending an accredited trade school, college, or university in 2017-2018, or
  • a non-traditional student or professional planning to attend an accredited trade school, college, university, or certification program in 2017-2018.

Is any preference given to public or private educational institutions or residency status?


Who will select the awardees?

Awardees will be selected by an independent Scholarship Review Committee made up of qualified participants not related to any FCEF employee or Board of Directors member.  FCEF staff members will oversee the review and selection process but will not participate in the selection of the awardees.

What if I have multiple children in college—can they all apply?  Is it possible for more than one of my children to receive a scholarship at the same time?

There is no limit to the number of dependents in a single family who can apply for a scholarship.  However, all dependents from the same eligible applicant group and from the same family will compete against each other.  For example: multiple dependents of a First Command Advisor would compete against each other in the category of dependent family members of First Command Advisors and field office staff members.

How will the scholarships be distributed?

Scholarship awards will be paid directly to the awardee’s school.  A check will be sent for the full amount of the award prior to each school’s payment deadline for the fall 2017 (or subsequent) semester.  Scholarship recipients will receive notification from FCEF when payment has been sent to their school.

Are there other scholarships available through FCEF?

Since 1983, FCEF has awarded more than $4.5 million in scholarships.  At this point the Donaldson D. Frizzell Scholarship is the only one available directly from FCEF.  However, other FCEF scholarship opportunities are available through our partnerships with many community organizations, national organizations, military-related organizations, and educational institutions.  For a list of these organizations, please click here.  In addition, FCEF partners with other businesses such as First Command Financial Services.

How can I learn about these other scholarship opportunities?

While we provide a list of the organizations with which we have formed scholarship partnerships, we do not list their particular criteria or time requirements.  They are normally advertised solely by the partner organizations.

Are the criteria the same for scholarships offered through partner organizations?

No.  The partner organizations adapt our criteria to meet the particular needs of their target population, and FCEF approves their criteria before they are released.  There are certain criteria however, that can never be modified.  These include: the targeted population must be sufficiently large, selection must be made by a committee, and the money must be paid directly to the educational institution where the recipient is enrolled in an accredited program.

How will scholarship awardees be announced?

Scholarship awardees for 2017 will be personally notified by FCEF of their selection by mid-June, 2017.  No other applicants will be notified.  Awardees’ names will be posted on the FCEF website by the end of June, 2017.  Please do not contact FCEF about the status of your application.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions regarding the scholarship application process, please contact 877-872-8289 or

Contact FCEF

Please click here for information to help you contact FCEF and our staff members.