FCEF Scholars Alumni Society Scholarship

The FCEF Scholars Alumni Society (SAS) is a social media forum established to continue our invaluable relationship with our scholarship reciipeints and their families.  This online community provides a way for our scholarship recipients across the nation to mingle with each other, share stories and ideas, and stay up to date with FCEF events and initiatives.

All FCEF scholarship recipients who join the Scholars Alumni Society will gain access to:

  • Exclusive scholarship opportunities
  • Higher-education articles
  • Blogs and videos
  • Financial education resources

To join FCEF’s Scholars Alumni Society, go to www.facebook.com/FCEFScholarsAlumniSociety  and “Like” us!

In 2012, FCEF created an exclusive scholarship award for members of the FCEF Scholars Alumni Society (SAS).  All previous FCEF scholarship recipients are eligible to join the SAS, and those who join and are continuing their educational pursuits are eligible to apply for the $2,500 Donaldson D. Frizzell SAS Video Competition Award.

After an intensive review process, the Selection Committee chose the recipient for 2012. Thank you to all of our applicants for their hard work, and congratulations to the 2012 recipient!

Meredith Bodden – Dallas, Texas 

Note: FCEF did not award the Scholars Alumni Society Scholarship in 2013 or 2014.


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