Current and Previous Scholarship Partners

First Command Educational Foundation provides scholarships by working with community organizations and educational institutions around the nation, such as Appalachian State University, East Bay Coast Guard Spouses’ Club, Professional Helicopter Pilots Association, etc.  FCEF works with these partners and lists them on our website, but is not involved in the scholarship selection process in any way.  We simply help create these opportunities by providing funding; we either fully fund or match scholarship dollars with our partner organizations.  In all cases, potential applicants must apply directly to the partner organization and meet their established criteria.

FCEF also partners with First Command Financial Services (FCFS) offices around the nation to award scholarships.  Scholarship opportunities through FCFS partnerships available in your area can be determined by contacting your local FCFS office and inquiring whether that office is participating in a scholarship program. The First Command Financial Services website ( has an office locator that canl help you find their office most convenient to you.

Regardless of the partner, all scholarship recipients are selected by committee, and scholarship amounts are paid directly to the educational institution by FCEF on behalf of the recipient.

These are our 2019 and 2018 sholarship partners.  Note: we update our partnerships continuously; please check this page regularly for additions or deletions.





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