Toolkit for Carroll H. Payne Scholarship

First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) extends the reach of its mission through partnerships with community organizations, high schools and universities, and financial advisors across the country.  The CHP Scholarship Toolkit was developed to provide resources to FCFS advisors and our community partners for establishing scholarship programs, during the scholarship recipient selection process, and when awarding scholarships.  Please read below for more information about each document.

First Command Financial Services Advisor Use

Carroll H. Payne Scholarship Program Policy

The Carroll H. Payne Scholarship Program Policy is relevant only to FCFS field advisors.  All FCFS advisors who cosponsor scholarships with FCEF must adhere to this policy and provide a copy to all partnering organizations.  The policy outlines FCEF award procedures, required paperwork, and partnership guidelines.

Advisor Matched Scholarship Annual Projection

The Advisor Matched Scholarship Annual Projection is relevant only to FCFS field advisors.  The form must be completed by the sponsoring advisor and submitted to FCEF each year to project a matched scholarship. This is the only way an advisor scholarship request can be made to FCEF.  You may complete this form electronically, but you must print it and sign it manually before submitting it to FCEF.

Advisor Scholarship Checklist

The Advisor Scholarship Checklist is relevant only to FCFP advisors.  It must be completed by the scholarship-sponsoring FCFS advisor and submitted with the winner’s original application and other required documents.This checklist helps ensure that all necessary information is provided to FCEF.

Advisor Scholarship Credit

The Advisor Scholarship Credit form is relevant only to FCFP advisors.  It must be completed by sponsoring FCFS advisors and submitted with the winning scholarship application so each contributing advisor can receive tax deduction credit for the donation.  Advisors will receive a tax receipt on or before January 31 of the following year to acknowledge this contribution and any others made during the year.

Advisor/Partner Use

Memoranda of Understanding with Partnering Organizations

These documents outline terms of FCEF scholarship partnerships.  Community partners should access the appropriate MOU (matched or unmatched scholarships) as requested by FCEF.  These documents are not valid unless signed by both parties.  Please do not complete an MOU if a partnership has not been previously discussed with FCEF.  These documents are not relevant to FCFS advisors.

Scholarship Program Application

The Scholarship Program Application may be used by community partners during the scholarship selection process.  FCEF does not require that you use this application, but if you chose not to use it you must provide us with certain information.  Please work with FCEF to ensure you know the information you must provide.

Selection Committee Information

The Selection Committee Information form must be completed and signed by the committee chairperson.  Please attach this page to the original application before submitting it to FCEF.

Scholarship Sample Press Release

The Scholarship Sample Press Release can be adapted to announce FCEF scholarship awards with community partners.

FCEF Scholarship Presentation Script

The FCEF Scholarship Presentation Script can be adapted and used for FCEF-affiliated scholarship award presentations.

Contact FCEF

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