First Command Educational Foundation awards scholarships each year to persons seeking associate, undergraduate, and graduate degrees, attending a trade school, or seeking professional certifications.

FCEF is proud to award an average of $133,000 annually in scholarships around the nation. We have successfully maintained this annual average since 1983 and have awarded over $4 million.

Applications are not accepted from the public for FCEF’s scholarships.  Instead, they are processed through First Command Financial Services Advisors’ matched-scholarship partnerships with organizations in their local community, through FCEF partnerships with local and national agencies, and through special scholarship programs with specific criteria administered by FCEF.  Click on the name of each scholarship below to view its requirements.

Carroll H. Payne (CHP) Memorial Endowment/Scholarship

Apply for Carroll H. Payne (CHP) Scholarship funds through organizations partnering with FCEF.  Click here to learn more.

Toolkit for Carroll H. Payne Scholarship

The CHP Scholarship Toolkit was developed to provide resources to FCFS advisors and our community partners for establishing scholarship programs, during the scholarship recipient selection process, and when awarding scholarships.

Dallas T. Lower Memorial Endowment/Award

In honor of Dallas’ commitment to the mentorship of new advisors, funds from the Lower endowment are used to encourage “established” First Command Financial Services Advisors to pursue professional designations.  For 2012, in addition to reimbursement awards to advisors, FCEF added reimbursement awards to First Command Field Support Staff Members.  Click here to learn more.

Lt. Paul “Jay” Smith Memorial Endowment/Scholarship

In 2007, Lt. Col (Ret.) Paul and Susan Smith established an endowment with First Command Educational Foundation to memorialize and honor their son, Lt. Paul (Jay) Smith.  FCEF works with the national level Air Force ROTC program at Maxwell-Gunter AFB to provide an annual $1,000 scholarship.  Click here to learn more.

M. Alice Konecny Memorial Endowment

First Command Financial Services Advisor Anthony “Tony” Konecny and his wife Corinne established this endowment to memorialize and honor Tony’s mother, Alice Konecny.  Click here for more information.

North Texas Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (NTAGGL) Endowment/Scholarship

NTAGGL awards scholarships to students who are working hard to educate themselves by seeking degrees at two- or four-year colleges and graduate programs.  Click here to learn more.

Sid Oaksmith Memorial Endowment

The Sid Oaksmith Memorial Endowment was established in memory of Sid Oaksmith, U.S. Army (Ret.) and former First Command Financial Services Advisor, upon his death.  For more information about Sid Oaksmith, please click here.  Click here to learn more.

Meet our Recipients

Click here to meet some of the recipients of our various scholarships and awards.

Current and Previous Scholarship Partners

Each calendar year FCEF awards scholarships through both long-standing or newly-identified partnerships with organizations whose missions support the same persons served by FCEF.  Click here to see the list of current and previous scholarship partners.  We update our partnerships continuously; please check this list occasionally for changes.

Establishing an Annually-Funded Named Endowment/Scholarship

Annually-funded and endowed scholarships may be named in honor, tribute, or memorial of a loved one, family member, friend, or mentor.

  • A $3,000 minimum annual contribution and a five-year minimum commitment, for a total pledge of $15,000 over five years, is required.
  • The scholarship will bear the name designated by the donor.
  • A memorandum of understanding (MOU) will be established with FCEF reflecting the donor’s wishes and outlining the roles and responsibilities of both parties.
  • All interest earned from each annual contribution will be allocated to the agency’s general operating account to cover overhead costs of maintaining the fund.
  • The donor has the option to handle all advertising, application, and selection processes or to elect FCEF to handle all (or any portion) of the selection process.  If the donor elects for FCEF to handle any or all of the selection process, FCEF will charge an additional annual fee ($500 minimum) to cover administrative and overhead costs.

If you would like to establish a named endowment or scholarship, please contact the Foundation at or

First Command Educational Foundation
1 FirstComm Plaza
Fort Worth, TX  76109-4999

877-872-8289 (toll-free)
817-569-2970 (fax)

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

First Command Educational Foundation has chosen to abide by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regarding the information privacy of our scholarship applicants.  Specific information about applicant status, scholarship application records, or any other aspect of an applicant’s relationship with FCEF will be released only to parents or “eligible students” as defined in the FERPA.  Click here to visit the Department of Education’s FERPA website.

Key Scholarships Documents

Click here for access to FCEF’s key scholarships documents.


Donors play a huge role in making these scholarships possible. Individuals, families, corporations, churches, businesses, and other similar entities may give gifts of cash, stock, real property, other marketable assets, or planned gifts to fund scholarships through FCEF.

Please click here if you would like to donate to FCEF.

Contact FCEF

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