Annual Donors

First Command Educational Foundation thanks these individual, corporate, and in-kind donors for their generous support of educating active or veteran service members and their families in 2020:

Defense Distinguished Service Medal  Jeff Merchant Debbie and Fred Genualdi
$250,000 and up Greg and Kelly Meyer Nicole Girtz
First Command Financial Services Midland National Life Insurance Eric Green
James Morris Erin Gulliksen
Silver Star NaviPlan by Advicent Nicole Hall
$100,000 to $150,000  Mark and Annette Nielsen Kyle and Sam Harper
First Command Bank NTAGGL Jim Harpin
Bill Perry Randall and Katie Harris
Defense Superior Service Medal Bobbie J. Plattenberg Matthew Hembree
$10,000 to $30,000 Corry Prestidge John Hess
Scott and Nancy Spiker Principal Global Investors LLC Mike Hohenstein
Burt and Colleen Snover Kim and Jim Provo Ken Johnson
BNY Mellon | Pershing Harvey and Brenda Pullen Tim Joseph
Mike Rogers Fred and Linda Joy
Legion of Merit Adam Rowe The Keith Family Gift Fund
$5,000 to $9,999 Howard and Mary Lou Rush Will Kepley
Hyatt Place Fort Worth/Cityview Jim and Judy Schless Tony and Jean Knapstein
Gretchen and Benjamin Butler Kelly and Jim Schroeder Joe and Gracelyn Knutsen
Mark Steffe Fred and Rumiko Shirley Deb Krause
Kathy Skillington Kyle T. Kruger
Distinguished Flying Cross Tony and Stephanie Smith Leroy Ledet
$2,500 to $4,999 Joe and Stacey Spencer Elena Linville-Abdo
Dave and Linda Alley Mike and Patricia Spies Carmela Loomis
Andy Andrews Colby and Jerry Stanley Karen Lovell
Baird Foundation Inc Dave and Jamye Studer Tim Malinski
Tom Cheritt Dave and Kathy Surgent Julie and Doug Malwitz
Joe and Annette Cieslewicz Jason Surya Staci and Jim Mapes
Karen and John Foley Brian Swanson Tina Martin
Jeff and Nancy Gibson Todd and Patricia Taylor John and Druanne Mason
Sunday Grace Stephen and Janet Thaeler Tracy May
Bob and Gale Hill The Harbinger Group Michelle McDade-Caldwell
Ryan Hunt Mike and Leigh Theres Julie and Chad McRee
Mike and Janine Immler Mark and Renea Timko Garret and Stephanie Messner
Kurt and Corey Langenwalter Tyndall First Sergeants Group Mike and Linda Morrison
Philip and Marguerite Leopold Zachary and Maili Walden Kyle Murray
Mike McGurk David and Sally White New York Life Ins. Co. South Central Zone
Luis and Janine Muniz Dan Wilhite Bill and Kani Nichols
Kirk and Fran Olliff Tate and Jil Young Becky Oaksmith
John and Teresa Osarczuk Kerry Phelan
Scott and Susan Rainville Commendation  Nick Poe
Jeff Richardson $500 to $999 Bob Ponton
Kellie and Bob Richter American National Insurance Co Robin Raef
Robert W Baird & Co Inc Jamie Bartels-Giddings Will Sager
Eric and Donna Schuster Dina and Jesse Becker Lisa Sanders
Ken and Colleen Shook Al and Tina Bloir Ron and Lisa Scarborough
Bob Slaughter Lonnie and Janet Bowman Jess and Scott Shaulis
Susan Smith VADM Sally Brice-O’Hara Lori and Andrew Sidrony
First in Flight District Stephen Brown Rob Silva
Walt Whitnum Chris and Cathy Burns Holly Sosa
Jim and Laurie Wolf Salim Butler Matt Steffes
Peter and Victoria Carlo Joe Storaska
Bronze Star Medal Russell and Amy Clarke Keith Thibodeau
$1,500 to $2,499 Duncan Clements Dave Thompson
Armed Forces Financial Network Harry and Mari Collins ThoughtSpot
Deborah and Stephen Armin Michael and Frances Cordrey Angie Torres
Jim and Carmen Bade CornerStone Staffing Deb and David Tyler
Bill and Mary Bartels Tim Corrigan Sherleen Udasco
Jessica Blaisdell Arnold Csan Dennis White
Brad Braithwaite Ed Daffron Bobby Wilson
Larkin and Ashley Braxton Tom and Carolyn Delaney Chris and Ramona Young
Dave and Debbie Brooks Chris and Stephanie Dentinger
Vanessa Chambers Mark and Kay Dierlam Good Conduct
Chris and Lauren Churchill Bea and Jeff Dozier $120 to $249
Carl and Kathleen Cornelius East Bay Coast Guard Spouses’ Club Jeffrey Anderson
Walt Coulter Tony and Natalie Eickhoff Karen Atwell
Tim and Peggy Custer Ray Elderd Vaughn Badenhorst
Chuck and Deborah Dixon Henry Evans III Bob Barr
Don and Libby Eberly T J Gagnon Aaron and Alicia Barranco
Jack and Patsy Garven Juan Garcia Shawn and Stephanie Broe
Carlos Garza Jr John Grigsby Jr Michael Brooks
Mike and Nancy Gazzerro Dave Hammond Brann Calvetti
Goldman Sachs & Co LLC Anthony and Deborah Harvey Jesse Cameron
Goldman Sachs Asset Mgmt Dee Henson Barb Cansick
Tracy and Scott Heichelbech Charlotte Hillegas John Cook
Christopher and Cindy Henn Ethan Hokanson Tammy Counts
Susan Jennaway Kevin and Sheldine Hollis Garrett Crissman
JOHCM Funds Jackson Walker, LLP Michael and Allyson Daly
Bill and Chriss Johnson Robert Jones James and Josie Dentinger
Robin and Kerry Jones Bob and Charley Jorgensen Susan and Steve Dixon
Vic and Kimberly Jones John and Loretta Kafer Amy Doherty
Lafayette Life Insurance Co Chris and Katie Kirkpatrick Randal and Robyn Dorf
Laserfiche Kevin Knitter Tiffany Edwards
Jim Leach Mike and Karine Kucej Bruce Ellwein
Ben Lowe Ira Lambeth Michael and Melania Fleischbein
Jeff and Barb Luther Chris and Paula Lee Debra Greenway
Don and Beth Marcum Dan and Lee Mahoney Kim Haile
Monterey Bay Spouses Club Larry and Patti Markowski Tyler Hainsworth
Al and Michele Orr Kendall Matthews Rachel Hallowell
Ed and Karin Patisaul Kristy and Mike McCormick Katherine Hansen
Jill and John Pietrusinski Chainsaw and Jae McCullough George Harris
Hugh and Denise Simpson Joe and Sherrill McLaughlin Phil Hart
Sogeti USA Jim McNair Michael Headington
Bill and Pauline Stropp Paula R. Meyer Holly Heath
Bryan and Amy Tuschen MFS Investment Management Ralph and Shirley Hill
Teresa and Dave Tyler Wesley and Kelly Mlcak Chad and Leah Holland
Rich and Carol Wax Natixis Investment Managers Homeowners at West Lake Condo Assn
Weaver and Tidwell LLP John Olson Amy and Trent Honea
Cliff and Catherine Weddington Michael and Kay Parker Jennifer Hoover
Frank and Rochelle Wheeler PIMCO Investments LLC Meeghan Hubka
Will Wilson Barbara and Cal Pinson Todd Hunsicker
Matt and Shelly Wineriter Gregg and Mitzi Pomes Jeff Jendel
Art Porcelli James Kim
Meritorious  Denise Poulter Angela Knowles
$1,000 to $1,499 Zach Pruitt Amanda Kussatz
Artisan Partners Emili Robinault Kimberly Kutach
AT&T Global Business Jason and Rebecca Rodriguez Steven M. Lantz
Rick Batten Regina Ryan Benjamin N. Lievestro
John and Susan Bennett Stoney and Christine Sloan Dan and Bridget Lippold
Jennifer Berlin Bob and Lisa Smith Patricia and Bill Liquori
Steve and Wendy Bione Christine Spaulding Barbara Maddox
Dave and Karen Bonney Angie Stowell Robert and Vicky McAdams
Bob and Mindy Bowman Suncoast Chief Petty Officers Assn Mark and Lauri Moore
Matt Bowman Mike and Amber Turley Joseph and Cynthia Mulcahy
Heather Brock Chuck Tyler Jacquelyn Mutziger
Warren and Debbie Brooks Chris Vause Wesley Niblack
Mike and Donnell Bunting Sandy Wade Gordon Olde
Nick and Toni Campbell Jeff Wallace Susan Owens
Claudia Canestra Esau and Rosa Williamson Jerry and Graziella Panetta
Ken Carmickle Steve and Tracy Winklmann Fernando and Lee Perez
John and Therese Cermak Chuck and Geri J. Wolfe Charlie Phillips
Brad and Debora Cleeton Lisa Phillips
Vickie and James Coleman Achievement  Rick and Sally Rein
Scott Cook $250 to $499 Hal Roesch
Cindy and Mike Crow Angela and Keith Armstrong Curt Ross
Steve Cyr Robert and Carine Avakian Claudia and Anthony Ruoti
John and Wendy DeBusk Melissa Avalos Raquel Salas Bramasco
John and Allison Draper William Barr Milt Salter
Pam and Robert Elliott Justin Barrett Debbie Sanders
Jay Ellis Pat and Mary Kay Benish Gary and Dawn Sjurset
Faust Family Alan and Marilyn Bisenieks Debbie Smith
First Pacific Advisors Lyn and Jeff Bonamie Teresa and Bill Smoak
Ron and Linda Garner Ken Bottari Trish and Ricardo Soto
Ryan and Emily Gay Michael Brooks Scott Spidell
Henry and Sims Hagan Erica and Sean Brown Benjamin and Ann Stahl
Scott and Brenda Hallock Erik and Lisa Bruce Keith Stemple
Mike and Julie Ann Harvin Ashley Butler Ivan K. Tatum
Scott and Julia Heevner Matt Butler Sean Tuttle
Ron and Myra Huff Don and Jenna Canaday Norman Vaughan
David and Micki Ifflander Nancy Cloud Colby Waldrop
iPipeline Bill Cultice Cally Weight
Norb and Wendy Karczewski Mark and Marion Diunizio Sarah Wells
Ken and Lillian Krahl Shawna and Curt Dover Mark Wigginton
Joe Kruszewski Lucas Draper Rick Wilcox
Mark and JoAnn Leach Robert and Ulrike Edmondson Doug Worrell
Mike Lyon Bill Edmundson Jeff Youngs
Jill and Pat Lyttle Todd and Tiffany Farrington
Woody Mathews Jr Dani Feret CFP and David Feret FCEF Board of Directors & Staff
Chuck and Becky McGee Sirrod and Leigh Garrett
Thank you for helping us educate those who serve!!

Tax ID: 75-1973894

At FCEF, we recognize that transparency and disclosure of pertinent information to our donors must be paramount in our fundraising practices.  FCEF abides by the Donor Bill of Rights created by the Association of Fundraising Professionals and other philanthropic organizations.