First Command Educational Foundation contracts directly with federal agencies to provide seminars to federal government civilian employees on important elements of CSRS and FERS retirement benefits, including annuity and survivor benefits, Voluntary Contribution Program, Thrift Savings Plan, federal employee health benefits, Social Security, Federal Employee Group Life Insurance, long-term care insurance, and a brief overview of financial planning.  Our speakers provide a full range of seminars tailored to early- and mid-career and pre-retirement federal employees, as well as to Special Provisions employees such as law enforcement personnel, firefighters, and air traffic controllers.

Because FCEF is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit charity, we do not endorse any commercial supplier, product, or service, or promote the services of any specific financial institution.

We are pleased to offer the following presentations in this program.

CSRS Pre-Retirement 1 or 2 day
FERS Pre-Retirement 1 or 2 day
FERS Early-Career Retirement 1 or 2 day
FERS Mid-Career Retirement 1 or 2 day
Thrift Savings Plan with Financial Planning for the Federal Employee 1 day
Combined FERS and CSRS Pre-Retirement 1 or 2 day
FEB Program Prices

Please please contact Julie Malwitz at 817-569-2634 or for seminar price information.

FEB Program Speaker Biographies

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Key FEB Program Documents

Presentation attendees will receive the comprehensive Understanding Your Federal Employee Benefits Guide.  Please click here to view the cover and table of contents of this guide.

Please click here to view some critiques of recent presentations.

Schedule a Presentation

For questions about FCEF’s Federal Employee Benefits Program and to schedule a presentation please contact Julie Malwitz at 817-569-2634 or