Money Matters Reference

Those who have used our previously-published editions of Money Matters, developed to help high school students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to take control of their financial future, will recognize Money Matters Reference.  The curriculum, written within the guidelines of Texas House Bill 492 of 2005, covers all 12 required elements and was approved by the Texas State Board of Education.

The material, including the book, the tests, and the PowerPoint slides, is no longer being printed, but is now available exclusively through Money Matters Online (see below).  You can use the more detailed Money Matters Reference as a supplement to Money Matters Online, or as a stand-alone program.

Money Matters Reference includes these modules:

Accounts Checkbook Credit
Loans Rights & Responsibilities Buying
Stocks & Investments Retirement Insurance
Entrepreneur Bankruptcy Giving

Students have access to the Money Matters Reference book in flash and a pdf version, in addition to:

  • Comprehensive test
  • 12 module topic tests
  • 12 module vocabulary tests
  • Glossary-Terms to Know

Instructors have access to all student materials, as well as:

  • 12 module PowerPoint presentations
  • Comprehensive test (with answers)
  • 12 module topic tests (with answers)
  • 12 module vocabulary tests (with answers)

To access the Money Matters Reference materials, you must first open Money Matters Online.

If you are not already enrolled in Money Matters Online, please see instructions  below to enroll before proceeding.


  • Log into Money Matters Online for Students
  • After you have established your personal login name and password, you will be directed to the Pre-comprehensive Exam.
  • You may click the Money Matters Reference button at the top of the screen to access Money Matters Reference before taking the Pre-comprehensive Exam.
  • If you have already taken the Money Matters Online Pre-comprehensive Exam, you will find the Money Matters Reference button at the top of the Report Card.


Money Matters Reference Presentations

The information in the PowerPoint presentations in Money Matters Reference has been updated, and the presentations have a more contemporary appearance.

These changes are described in more detail in the revised Money Matters Online Instructor Manual, available here.  This manual is also be accessible under the new Tools button in the instructor site.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact First Command Educational Foundation at or by phone at 817-569-2940 (toll free 877-872-8289).

Please note

Money Matters Reference is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used as financial advice, guidance, or for financial planning purposes.  Please consult a professional advisor about your specific situation regarding your personal financial plans.