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First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) is dedicated to improving financial readiness and committed to ensuring that persons at all stages of life have the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed, intelligent decisions about their financial future.  Although FCEF’s primary focus is on programs and resources for America’s service members and civilian federal employees and their families, we continue to support various educational, business, social service, civic, and faith-based organizations.

FCEF offers a wide range of curricula, presentations, and seminars on numerous financial readiness topics that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of an organization, from an individual presentation to an extensive seminar or workshop that covers multiple financial topics and contains practical exercises. This instruction can be provided using various techniques and approaches including live, in-person presentations, virtual sessions, or a web-based self-instructional curriculum.

Our library of standard presentations currently includes almost 60 PowerPoint presentations covering various general, military, and federal civilian financial topics, with speaker’s notes. FCEF staff members or trained volunteer speakers provide the training, or a member of a military unit or organization can be trained to do so.

In addition to its presentations and seminars, FCEF fields other educational resources including web-based training courses Military Money Matters, Money Matters Online, and Basic$4ALL(online), and a mobile app, Basic$4ALL(mobile).

There are also over 40 financial calculators plus a powerful Debt Termination Calculator, a Spending Plan Tool, and an Investment Risk Comfort Level questionnaire availabe on FCEF’s Financial Tools and Calculators page for all to use at no charge.  These tools DO NOT store your personal information.

Our Military Quick Reference Guides provide valuable and detailed informaiton on various key military topics, and our Military and General Financial Education Modules contain comprehensive information on assorted military and general financial topics.

More details on the educational resources mentioned, and on additional available resources, may be found by clicking the link below.

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