Basic$4ALL (mobile)

Basic$4ALL (mobile) is a free app created by First Command Educational Foundation to help people learn some basics about finances. The information is provided in 5 modules: Spending Plans, Basic Banking and Accounts, Credit, Debt and Loans, and Investing. It’s designed for high school-age students and young adults, but anyone can play.

The object is to save enough money in your “savings account” to meet your goal: a car, a vacation, college, a house, or retirement. There’s no real money involved in this game; you play for knowledge. Invite your friends to play and see who is the smartest when it comes to saving!

Download Basic$4ALL (mobile) from the App Store.

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Basic$4ALL (online)

First Command Educational Foundation’s Basic4ALL (online) is a financial readiness curriculum developed to provide you with a brief introduction to five fundamental areas of personal finance: spending plans, basic banking and accounts, credit, debt and loans, and investing. While this course won’t teach you everything you will ever need to know about finances, it can help you learn the basics to get started.

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