NTAGGL Scholarship Program

The North Texas Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (NTAGGL), in partnership with First Command Educational Foundation, is announcing its fifth consecutive scholarship season. Information is available at http://san-diego.nef2.com/ntaggl-north-texas-association-of-government-guaranteed-lenders-guaranteed-business-loan/

Military Families Fall Behind In Financial Readiness Test

First Command Financial Service’s research findings on the financial readiness of career military families are featured in a national news story by Financial Advisor Magazine. Titled “Military Families Fall Behind In Financial Readiness Test,” the article features results of the sixth … Continued

Career Military Earning Low Marks in Financial Readiness

First Command Educational Foundation recently partnered with First Command Financial Services, Inc., to conduct the fifth annual survey of military and civilian financial knowledge. The survey found that middle class military families earned an average of 69, a failing score, … Continued

April is National Financial Literacy Month

In 2004, the Senate passed Resolution 316 that recognized April as National Financial Literacy Month.  Click on the paragraph title to open this item in its own window, then click here to read CEO Vickie Coleman’s article about National Financial … Continued

Financial Literacy Slipping in Career Military Families

More than half of America’s career military families were unable to pass a recently-administered financial literacy test, underscoring the importance of new calls for improved financial training for servicemembers. Results of the fourth annual financial literacy test and survey jointly … Continued

Financial Education is Critical, Too

Knowing how to manage your finances is a critical life skill that must be taught in our schools. Ms. Rebecca Van Pamel is absolutely right; FCEF is proud to have provided some financial education to her by working with The … Continued

Financial Knowledge Boosts Confidence

FCEF CEO Vickie Coleman is featured in a First Command Financial Services video that discusses a recent poll sponsored by FCFS and FCEF.  The poll found that found that middle-class military families who are more financially knowledgable are more likely to feel … Continued