Thank you for joining thousands of others in helping us achieve our mission To Educate Those Who Serve.  With your help, FCEF awarded $122,000 in scholarships and gave 155 financial readiness presentations to 4,588 service members in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia in 2021.


Free Financial Readiness Resources


A brief introduction designed for high school-age students and young adults, but anyone can play.  Five fundamental areas of personal finance are covered: spending plans, basic banking and accounts, credit, debt and loans, and investing.  While this course won’t teach everything you will ever need to know about finances, it will help you get started. The object is to save enough money in your “savings account” to meet your goal: a car, a vacation, college, a house, or retirement. There’s no real money involved in this game; you play for knowledge.

Play Basic$4ALL (online) at, or

Download the free app from the App Store (Sorry, it’s not available for Android devices.) 

 Invite your friends to play and see who is the smartest when it comes to saving!

Money Matters Online 

This web-based, more in-depth, course consists of 12 modules: Bank Accounts, Checkbook, Credit, Loans, Rights & Responsibilities of Renting and Owning, Buying a House, Stocks and Investments, Retirement Funds, Insurance, Becoming an Entrepreneur, Bankruptcy, and Giving to Charity. 

Each module contains a pre- and post-module exam and vocabulary and other exercises. The curriculum also includes a pre- and post-course comprehensive exam and an instructor interface that allows instructors to add and delete students to the program and to monitor their progress and test results.  The course allows students to proceed at their own pace and will provide feedback as they complete the various tests and exercises.  

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Click here to view the FCEF Event Calendar.  This calendar includes financial readiness presentations being conducted nationwide, official staff visits, board of directors meetings, fundraising events, and other scheduled items. For more information about our financial presentations, or to schedule a presentation in your area, please contact FCEF at or 817-569-2940.

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